Lee Rivers
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My experience as a performing solo club musician I’ve been performing solo in social clubs for almost 10 years and in that time have played in numerous Royal British legion, Conservative, Constitutional and Sports & Social clubs within about a 100 mile radius of my home in Hertfordshire. As well as social clubs, I have performed at many wedding receptions and private parties. These are usually booked by people I meet at the various social clubs where I perform. I’ve built up a good reputation for reliability as well as for being a good, crowd pleasing performer and (I’ve been told) a talented vocalist. My repertoire has grown to over 200 songs and I’m adding more all the time. Playing at a venue regularly, you get to know familiar faces, build up a rapport with the audience and get to know better the type of musical tastes applicable to that particular venue. Of course, going down well on your first appearance at a venue is very important and experience tells you that certain rules and particular songs tend to work for certain age groups.